Chocolat No Shiki 'Hokkaido'
A beautifully packaged assortment of chocolates and cookies which features chocolates inspired by the beautiful colours of Hokkaido scenery, as well as its local flora and fauna. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf Life: 3 months Contents: 40 pcs (216g) Pure Chocolate...
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ROYCE' Tasting Box
A chicly designed assortment perfect for an elegant occasion. Featuring 66 pieces of various solid chocolate types which showcase the uniqueness of cacao beans of varying concentrations and sources, recipients can truly enjoy the unique taste of Royce’ Chocolate. Storage...
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ROYCE' Brown Collection
A generous array of unique chocolate products, this elegant brown box is filled to the brim with a total of 133 pieces of 18 popular varieties, including a wide variety of flavours such as Prafeuille Chocolat in Berry Cube, Caramel...
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ROYCE' Red Collection
A sophisticated ruby red tin box generously filled with 66 pieces and 10 varieties of chocolate treats, including Potechi Crunch Chocolate and nutty chocolate favourites like Macadamia Chocolate and Nutty Bar Chocolate. Perfect for every occasion! Storage Temperature: 25°C or below Shelf Life:...
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Memories of Hokkaido Variety Tin
Highly recommended as a souvenir of Hokkaido, the Memories of Hokkaido Variety Tin features original illustrations depicting scenic Hokkaido landscapes and animals throughout the four seasons in a year. The collectible tin can is packed with unique specialty items like...
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Flavourful Variety Pack
A vibrant green hued assortment box filled with 27 unique confections, including a selection of green tea, dark as well as milk chocolates. Seasonal specialties include Prafeuille Chocolat "Matcha", R Chocolat “Gianduja” and “Milk Cocoa” as well as “Fruity Milk”...
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