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Raya Variety Pack
A Malaysia-exclusive design, the aquamarine Hari Raya Variety Pack is filled with 27 pieces of chocolates and wafers, including seasonal specials like Fruity Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Cream Chocolate Wafers! Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf Life: 3 months Contents: 27...
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Raya Delight
Share the wonders of Raya with our Raya Delight, featuring Memories of Hokkaido, Bar Chocolate Almond Bitter, and the new Prafeuille Chocolat White Milk, all beautifully encased in a cream gift box for the celebration, the perfect momento for that...
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Raya Assortment
Usher in the Ramadan season with family and friends by gifting our bountiful Raya Assortment, filled with Baton Cookies, Potatochip Chocolate, Amande Chocolat and Raya Variety Pack, a bevy of treats to sweeten anyone's day. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf...
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Raya Indulgence
Nothing says Selamat Hari Raya like the Raya Indulgence, a colourful assortment filled to the brim with 6 varieties of cookies and chocolates perfect for this festive season of giving and celebrating. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf Life: 3 months...
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Raya Extravagance
Celebrate heritage, home and heart this Raya with our Raya Extravagance, an enticing collection of chocolates and the ultimate luxurious gift to give this season. Contents include Amande Chocolat, Wafer Chocolate, Prafeuille Chocolat, Baton Cookies, Coffee Beans Chocolate, Memories of...
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Pistachio Chocolate
Perfectly roasted Californian pistachio kernels generously coated in delicious milk chocolate. Crisp and mellow, the combination of silky milk chocolate to pistachios adds a layer of luxury to these tiny treats. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf Life: 3 months Contents:...
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Pistachio Crunch Chocolate
A nutty confection crafted from crushed roasted Californian pistachios, cookie crunch and almond puffs, combined with milk chocolate blended with pistachio paste. Each bite reveals a crunchy texture and aromatic pistachio flavour. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf Life: 3 months...
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Pistache Chocolat
Uniquely delicious, this praline-style chocolate features a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate shell filled with rich pistachio cream stuffed with whole pistachio nuts. Featuring two types of pistachios (roasted and salted), the smooth and fragrant pistachio cream is accentuated with a hint of...
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Matcha Bar Chocolate
Crunchy, finger-sized matcha chocolate bars packed with macadamias, pecans, cashews, almonds and crispy puffs. Filled with green-tea flavoured white chocolate, the rich aroma of green tea perfectly complements the earthy taste and texture of assorted nuts. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C...
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