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Filled to the brim with delicious confections that everyone will enjoy, the Classic Selection is the perfect addition to the season of gifting. Spread festive cheer with this assortment of salty sweet duo Popcorn Chocolate "Honey Fromage *NEW* and Potatochip Chocolate "Mild Bitter", as well as crispy Baton Cookies "Hazelnuts Cacaonibs" and sweet Pure Chocolate "Milk".

Below 25°C

1-3 months

  • 1 x Popcorn Chocolate "Honey Fromage"
  • 1 x Baton Cookies "Hazelnuts & Cacaonibs"
  • 1 x Potatochip Chocolate "Mild Bitter"
  • 1 x Pure Chocolate "Milk"
  • 34.5 cm (L) x 26.5 cm (W) x 12.5 cm (H)
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  • Popcorn Chocolate “Honey" Fromage”/ Chocolate (Cocoa butter, Sugar, Lactose, Cheese Powder (milk), Whole milk powder, Skim milk powder, Lemon powder), Honey, Corn, Sugar mixture (Malt sugar (barley), Sugar, Salt), Cocoa butter, Salt, Emulsifier (soy), Flavour.
  • Baton Cookies “Hazelnuts Cacaonibs”/ Sugar, Hazelnut powder (Hazelnut, Cornstarch), Wheat flour, Whole egg, Butter, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Coconut, Vegetable oil,Fried cocoa nibs, Whole milk powder, Cocoa powder, Salt, Flavor, Emulsifier (soy).
  • Potatochip Chocolate "Mild Bitter"/ Potato chip (Potato (non-GM), Vegetable oil, Salt), Cocoa butter, Sugar, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier (soy), Flavor.
  • Pure Chocolate “Milk”/ Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier (soy), Flavor.

    Milk, Soybean, Nuts, Egg, Gluten

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    Classic Selection
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